#TheNewBrave in the New Normal ❤️ (Featuring Whisper Philippines)

For decades upon decades, we have seen how women have faced struggles with the utmost dedication, strength, and bravery.

With the new normal, comes #TheNewBrave. While we continue to adjust to our current situations, our strength and bravery are tested again; and without fault, we have delivered. Being a woman is not easy; both socially, and physiologically. We have women on the frontlines, continuing to work hard, with greater risks, and a more difficult environment.

We are all trying to adapt to our own different circumstances as best as we can. With all of the changes that have taken place in the last 7 months, we must stress the importance of taking care of ourselves.

No matter what we do these days, we must remember to value our mental and reproductive health. We are all struggling with our mental health these days, because of the changes and uncertainties we are facing. We cannot deny the hassle, the discomfort, and the negative effects that our periods have on our mental and physical well being. Whatever we can do to lessen the burden of having our periods every month, we should do. I would like to share something that could help ease the burden; Whisper has 3x protection that enables us to be more comfortable and move freely. The Whisper Pink, in particular, comes with dermcare lotion which helps reduce skin allergy, moisturizes and reduces friction, and improves the skin barrier. We are women, we are innately strong human beings, but we do need a little boost, or a little help, sometimes. So let’s let Whisper help us when it comes to this aspect of our lives. 🙂

#TheNewBrave is a campaign by Whisper, to encourage women to continue to be brave and thrive in these times of uncertainty.

To know more about Whisper’s #TheNewBrave campaign, please watch the video below.

I’m inviting you all to share your #TheNewBrave stories on your social media platforms, and tag Whisper’s social media tags. (Facebook: @WhisperPH | Instagram: @whisperphilippines)

Calling all my girls!! Let’s stick together and continue to rise up in these trying times! ❤️


Marlina ❤️

(Whisper Cottony Soft and Super Clean & Dry is available in different packs in all leading supermarkets, grocery stores, drugstores, and department stores nationwide.)

To know more about Whisper Philippines, you may visit their official brand social media accounts at: https://www.facebook.com/WhisperPhilippines/ and https://www.instagram.com/whisperphilippines/?hl=en

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