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Don’t Let the People Who Hurt You Be Reasons For You to Hurt Yourself


At least once in our lives there will come a time that people will cause us heartbreak; a lover, a friend, a father, or even a person we don’t know. Sometimes they’ll hurt us more than once, or too many times. Sometimes they’ll hurt us beyond what we thought pain even felt like. During these times, the people who hurt us can have power over our emotions and actions, and sometimes, it is only human that we let them.

When We Hurt Ourselves

Hurting one’s self doesn’t necessarily just mean actions of self-harm. It can be the nights we drink too much, or the meals we skip “just because.” When we hurt, we sometimes give ourselves the license to let ourselves down. Our minds somehow justify doing harmful things to ourselves because we’re in painful situations. When it comes to self harm, sometimes we find physical pain to be a better alternative to emotional pain. Again, these things happen, and they are human, but we need to give our lives a fair chance.

When We Take Our Power Back

Taking our power back doesn’t have to involve the people who hurt us. It can be our own journey. It can be simple decisions we make little by little, day by day, when we finally feel strong enough. Here are some decisions we can make;

Maybe we won’t cry for them today. We will eat three meals today. We will listen to songs that make us feel good today. We will go to the gym today. We will see the friends who love us today. We will write a positive note today. We will remember our worth and value today. We will be good to ourselves today and hopefully every day after.

Now it will always be okay to let ourselves fall apart sometimes, but it will always be great once we learn to pick up our tiny broken pieces, put them all back together; and say, “I DID THAT.”

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