To All the Ones Who Broke Our Hearts

A letter to all the ones who broke our hearts; Thank you for trying.

To the friends we’ve lost along the way

It’s not your fault. For the times I’d stop my world to hurry to your rescue, I should’ve never expected you to do the same for me. For the times I needed you and you weren’t there, maybe you needed you more than I did. You were not born to hold my hand when you were carrying your crosses. For giving up on our friendship, it only seemed right for us both. Thank you for trying.

To the lovers who’ve gone

I’m sorry that the universe wasn’t on our side. During all those days that we laughed together, I always thought I’d hear your laugh forever. Whenever we’d see old couples in the mall, I always thought that that’d be our future. When we wiped each other’s tears, I always thought that we’d take care of each other for as long as we could. Why we didn’t end up with each other is no longer what’s important. We had to leave, we had to hurt, but I’m glad that we learned and played our roles in each other’s lives. I know it’ll all make sense someday. Thank you for trying.

To the relatives we no longer talk to

I’m sorry for cutting ties with you. I grew up thinking that family is the most important thing. I grew up thinking that family will and should always be there. I grew up around people who’d tell me “family first!” But the moment you threw that punch, cursed out your thoughts and forgot the word respect, I’m sorry that I couldn’t stay for you. Protecting myself from people who cause me pain is the biggest favor I could do for myself. But then again, thank you for trying.

They say the larger your capacity to love, the larger your capacity to feel hurt. So to all the ones who can’t help but love so deeply, thank the people who tried and let them go. It is better to leave and have been left, than to stay and lose your heart, your peace, and your being.

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