Self Care Sesh: How I take Care of My Eyes with Visactiv Neo

As someone who spends a lot of time looking at screens, someone who wears contact lenses, and someone who is generally living a somewhat active lifestyle, I know that I strain my eyes A LOT. I also know that many of you experience the same problem as well.

Here’s my little gem – Visactiv Neo 🙂

At first glance you may think that they’re just simple eyedrops like any other. But here’s some more info that’ll make you understand why this is what I use. 🙂

First and most importantly, it’s preservative-free!!! I for one have become very conscious when it comes to products I use on my body, especially my eyes. Finding organic eyedrops is pretty much a jackpot!! Also, since I’m super concerned about products I use, and if they’re safe to use. It’s definitely reassuring that I know it’s FDA-approved ❤️

Second, because of my poor eyesight, I wear lenses all day long and not all eye drops can be used with contact lenses, luckily, these drops are compatible with contact lenses!

With the current level of pollution, just staying outside for a while can make your eyes dry and irritated. As a blogger, I spend most of my time glued to my phone or laptop, and I know that many of us are the same, especially those who work with PCs on their desks all day. Whenever I feel dryness or irritation, I use this and my eyes definitely feel better cause it lubricates your eyes and heals small lesions too. Also, I love that it doesn’t sting when it lands on my eyes because it has Hyaluronic Acid, the same found in artificial tears ❤️

Lastly, for me, eyedrops shouldn’t just lubricate your eyes, it should also protect your eyes. Visactiv Neo heals, lubricates and protects your eyes from irritation and radiation. That way, I can say that these drops come full circle when it comes to eye care.

Check out my Youtube Video trying Visactivneo too! 🙂

So happy that I found this gem, I carry it around with my anytime, anywhere 🙂 ( yep, even at the beach ❤️)

Get it at Mercury drugstores nationwide! 🙂 Also available at shopee.ph, just search for Visactiv Neo 🙂

Happy summer loves! ☀️❤️

With love,

Marlina ❤️

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