The Underrated Italian Food Haven

When people talk about the best italian restaurants in Manila, they often rave about places like Bellini’s. However, here’s an underrated, unhyped place that’s just as as good or even better; Pepperoni Pizzeria.

(Photo taken with Oppo F5)

Interior and Ambiance

Pepperoni Pizzeria in UP Town Center is quite the charmer. With its well lit space, beautifully decorated walls, nice bar display, and visible pizza making area, it’s enough to make anyone fairly impressed.

(Photo taken with Oppo F5)

On Service

The servers were very friendly and helpful. The serving time was surprisingly fast. In less than 10 minutes, the appetizer and pasta arrived. And the pizza probably arrived by the 15th minute.

On the food

We ordered Calamari Fritti for our appetizer. As a squid-loving person (yes, I am), I was super impressed as to how good it was. The squid was perfectly cooked, not rubbery at all. The fried batter was crispy and didn’t leave an oily feel on your mouth. The two dips complemented the dish well. 🙂

(Photo taken with Oppo F5)

For pasta, we ordered Aglio Olio e Peperoncino which had garlic slices and red chili in olive oil, was really good. Aside from the pasta being perfectly cooked, it was packed with flavor. I honestly didn’t realize that you could put that much flavor in an aglio olio until I tasted this! It didn’t have an overwhelming garlicky taste, it was just right, matched with the right amount of pepper and chili. It’s not too hot btw, it was perfect!

(Photo taken with Oppo F5)

We ordered a large pizza with 2 flavors in it; Prosciutto Crudo di Parma and Bacon Miele (great that there was the option to combine two flavors in one. The bacon Midele had honey which made the Pizza predominantly sweet but it wasn’t overpowering as it mixed well with the bacon and cheese. The prosciutto pizza was well, i don’t think you could ever go wrong with prosciutto :))) thankfully the ever good prosciutto didn’t go to waste cause the salad on top complemented the prosciutto, unlike in other cases where the cheese on top overpowers the pizza.

(Photo taken with Oppo F5)

So basically, I couldn’t complain about anything. This will definitely be one of those restaurants you just have to go back to, over and over again, to taste the entire menu. HAHAHA

There ya go! If you want a great time with great food, go to Pepperoni Pizzeria. This is a super honest review guys! Promise!😘😘😘

With love,

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