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Never Be Afraid to Be “EXTRA,” I AM, and Even My Phone Is!

I used to be the person who always cared about what other people think, to the point that it held me back from expressing myself. I realized that by caring about what they think, i would slowly lose myself.

On Being In Charge of How You Want To Look

The moment I stopped caring about what people would say or think, the happier I became. I like wearing what I feel are uber fashionable outfits no matter where I go, and I don’t mind the stares. I’d go shopping for school supplies in a flashing red origami skirt, manipulated scarf as a top, and heeled booties, just because I want to.

Just remember, If they stare, let them stare. If they stare too long, ask them what their problem is :))

Fashion is a way to express yourself. So never apologize for wearing what you want to wear. Below are some of my fave ootds ❤️

Making a Bold Statement with My Red Oppo F5 As my Functional Accessory

Speaking of being extra, if you know me, you’d know that I hate having boring looking stuff. 😂😂😂 Luckily, I found something that’s far from boring!

Rarely does a phone ever become a great accessory, but when it comes to my Red Oppo F5, i’d have to say that it’s the perfect accessory to all my OOTDs. ❤️

(Photos by JR Cayabyab)

I like carrying it anywhere and would never put a case over it. (Unless it’s a transparent case! And luckily they have one which actually comes with the phone!!!) Its bold color complements my looks, and its awesome camera captures my outfits! If it sticks out of my pocket, I consider that a good thing! If I carry it out of my bag, I love how I look while I use it! This phone proves that accessories aren’t limited to just jewelry or bags, in fact, this phone is the most functional accessory. ❤️

Here are some photos I’ve taken with my Oppo:

A selfie of course!!!

Random stuff!!!

My friend Tiffany!!! Hahahah sorry Tiffany!

And of course an OOTD :))

With love,

Marlina ❤️

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