Stress Busting at the New Spa In Town – Soji Wellness Spa! ♥

Stress can cause more danger to you than you think. Thankfully, there are many ways to help relieve your stress, and well, pampering yourself at a Spa is one of them!

I am so glad that I discovered this new hidden gem located at the Banawe Lifestyle Center, Quezon City: Soji Wellness Spa. Here are 4 things that I loved about this Spa, and what makes me want to come back again:

1.  Affordability + Quality

We can’t deny that many of us don’t spend much time in the Spa due to budget constraints. Some Spas that offer affordable services however, are often in sketchy locations, with dirty facilities and with masseuses that aren’t well-trained. Soji Wellness Spa is far from that, we were delighted by the quality services (GREAT MASSAGE!!) with such affordable rates! See the photo below! (TIP: Follow them on Instagram too @sojiwellness to see their ongoing promos ♥)

2.  Pleasant Staff

We enjoyed a foot spa and a 90-minute massage from great and friendly masseuses. We also met the owner of the Spa, stationed at the front desk, who was nothing but kind and accommodating.

3. Great Interior and Facilities 

This was probably one of the nicest spas I’ve been to. The interior was great, staying true to the Japanese Zen theme.

The facilities were clean and well-maintained. The massage beds weren’t lumped too close to each other just to get so many beds into the space, which also shows how this spa values quality. The massage area was spacious, the massage beds were comfortable. One of the most irritating things for me is when the head rest kinda feels like it can choke you. hahahha. Which is why I loved the head rests on the beds, they were suede-like in texture, very soft and just the right size.

4. Location 

Soji wellness is located in the Banawe lifestyle center almost smacked down the middle of Quezon City and Manila, making it accessible for people from the north and south of Metro Manila. Also, being that it’s located at the Banawe Lifestyle Center, there is so much you can do before or after you go to the Spa, there are several restaurants, a gym (Anytime Fitness), a coffee shop (coffee bean and tea leaf), a waxing salon, a nail salon, and so on. Also, there are ample parking spots.

So, that’s the deal! I hope you have as much of a relaxing time as I did when you visit Soji Wellness Spa. ♥ It can be wazed and ubered by the way. 🙂 Follow them on Instagram @sojiwellness for more information.

BTW I’M GONNA HAVE A GIVE AWAY of worth 1,000 pesos to spend at Soji Wellness Spa for you and your bestie, sister, momma, or any loved one to enjoy some Spa Services! Stay tuned for that by following me on Instagram @marlinacarlos

Thanks for the read!! ♥


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