3 Tips For the Perfect OOTD Shot

Let us get right to it! How can you get the perfect OOTD shot? Your fashion expression, what you want to wear, will always be up to you. But here are a few tips that can make your OOTD shots look better! 🙂 (Ootd details at the bottom of the article ♥)

1. The HAIR matters! 🙂

I cannot stress this enough! There are always certain parts of your outfit that should be or you want to highlight, sooooo, DO NOT COVER IT UP with your hair!

In this outfit, I had to highlight the Pink tones/accents, the collar, the bag and the shoes; If I hadn’t put my hair into a bun, the pink stripe on the neck line wouldn’t be seen. In turn, the quality of my outfit in its totality, will not be showcased.



Always think about what hairstyle would go with your OOTD, cause the hair styling can definitely make or break your outfit 😉

2. Your BODY POSITIONING matters! 😉

Aside from the usual tips like: tip your toes to elongate your body, know your angle or find your light, you want the clothes to look just as good as you.

Positioning your body in such a way that all of your clothes can be showcased is very important. Sometimes we love a certain pose so much that we repeat it over and over again and forget that not all poses go well with all clothes, we can tend to block our clothes or make them look unflattering.

I never get the best photo from my first shot or very rarely does this happen to me, I need to experiment with my movements so that I get the best photo. In this OOTD I wanted to highlight the fabric of the top which is almost leathery and rigid; this, to me, makes it a great statement piece, so take a look at the photos below, left photo: my arm rested on the ledge and my other lazy arm showed that yes the textile is rigid, but not in a good way, this position made it look unflattering even if it isn’t. Right photo: lengthening my right arm away from the ledge showed the great texture and material of the piece, how the sleeves naturally look and how the piece falls on the body. So that went from fugly to FASHION, real quick. :))

Do not be afraid to pose like a supahmodel even if you aren’t YET! Confidence is key ♥

3. The BACKGROUND and PERSPECTIVE matters! 😉  

Now you don’t need a great looking background, you just need one that won’t take away from your outfit. You don’t want a background that has so much going on cause you and your clothes should be the highlight.

The camera perspective is sometimes even more important than the background. Whether it’s facing you from below, above, sideways, 45 degrees to your back etc. etc. etc., the photo will look different, so will you and so will your clothes.

I’ll let these pictures do the explaining :)) Note that my legs and feet were in the same position in both photos.



And that’s it! 🙂 Thank you so much for the read 🙂 hope that these tips can help! 🙂 ♥♥♥

(OOTD Details: 1. Top from @fashionstreet_apparel on instagram, pants from uniqlo, heels from Zalora the label. 2. Top and pumps from Zalora the label, skirt from H&M. 3. Top from Cotton on, Jeans from H&M and shoes from Mango.)

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