3 Rooftop Chill Spots in Metro Manila For The Young and Budget-constricted :)) ❤

If you love the relaxing feel brought about by staring at the stars and the Metro Manila Skyline at night, just as much as I do, and if you’re still in college or just starting out and can’t afford to spend too much AKA meeee, here are some perfect hangout spots for good views and great conversations:

3. Sky High Bar at Kapitolyo, Pasig

Now this place, for me, is already a bit pricey, so consider this a special occasion go-to. Now I included Sky High Bar in this list because like other Hotel Rooftop Bars in Metro Manila, they give you the great ambience, good food, drinks and service, BUT for much less. Plus, a stunning 360 degree view. ❤

Me looking at the view from just one side of the place 🙂

Photo from their Facebook Page

2. The Roofdeck Bistro at Quezon Avenue, QC

Now The Roofdeck Bistro isn’t the place you go to in order to see the great skylines, it’s where you go to in order to see the night sky while listening to live music and enjoying a great selection of affordable food. ❤

I wasn’t able to get good photos cause it was pretty crowded when I went so here’s a great photo from www. 


1. The Bunk at Highway Hills, Mandaluyong

The Bunk offers you both a pretty good view of Metro Manila, and a super chill low-key ambiance with affordable food. 😊 It’s still one of my favorite places to go to. Sure it’s on top of an old building with a non-functioning elevator and you will be panting by the time you get to the top, but it’ll be worth it. That’s all I’ll say. 😉

Up to you to see the real view. :))

I didn’t say too much about these places to save some surprises for you guys. ❤

Now it’s up to you to Zomato your way in order to scrutinize their Menus cause I am no food master YET :)) and also up to you to Waze your way onto these places for a great rooftop night experience. 🙂 haha Thanks for the read!! 🙂

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