On Christmas Days We Dress Up; Why Not Dress Up Everyday? ❤ 

Here’s a piece on why we should dress up whenever we feel like it, no matter what the occasion. 🙂 Details on my outfits too! 🙂

When I started working, I felt discouraged from dressing up the way I wanted to because If I did, I would be mega over dressed! :)) More dressed up than almost all of my superiors. Buuuuut, the inner me won over and said to hell with all my overthinking and I decided to start to wear my best blazers with my four-inch heels. 😊 Hopefully this could help others feel more comfortable to dress the way they want to as well.
Every Christmas many of us use our best clothes, sometimes we even reserve certain clothes for these occasions. The only advice I’d like to give is to never be afraid to dress up as if everyday were a special ocassion if you want to. 🙂 Never think about what other people would say because blah. Haha yours is the only opinion that matters. Dress up if it makes you feel good and happy 🙂

So, onto my Christmas looks, 

I got almost all of my clothes from Zalora. Best part about shopping in Zalora is the free returns within 30 days. Many hesitate shopping online because they don’t get to fit them but Zalora gives you an opportunity to try them when they get to you, if it doesn’t fit you or you change your mind. You can just return it for free. 🙂

Christmas Eve look 🙂 Top from Zalora clothing, shorts from Forever 21 and shoes from Something Borrowed exclusively sold on Zalora. 🙂

Christmas day look 🙂 Head to toe I got from Zalora, top from Frassino Clothing, slit dress and shoes from Something Borrowed. I got all of these on the 11.11 sale! 🙂

Happy New Year everyone! Remember, dress the way you want to, no matter what!! 🙂

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