5 Date Night Essentials You’d Want To Know ;)

When going out on a date with a special someone or someone you just recently met, you want to be as comfortable as possible so that you aren’t distracted or so you don’t run into some unexpected “datesasters” (that term just came up in my head don’t judge :))).

Here are a few date night essentials and tips that I think would help:

1. If you’re gonna wear make up, choose the right kind.

I usually prefer to wear none to minimal make up when going on a date, but if you were to wear make up, just go with simple, but reliable. Some powder, a no smudge lipstick, waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara are all you need. Why these? First, you don’t want a lipstick that would go on your food, be uneven on your lips and might even go on your face when you eat. Second, you don’t want an eyeliner and mascara that’s gonna make you look like Johnny Depp on the Pirates of the Caribbean just because you scratched your eyes or they accidentally get wet. In my opinion, these are the only make up pieces you need, let your natural beauty shine, keep it light, keep it simple = avoid make up mishaps.

The items I personally use are the following:

Matte Lipsticks from Mac, Kylie Lipkits, Benefit Bad gal Lash, Nyx Liquid Matte Liner

2. Wear something you love, and you’re comfortable in. DO NOT, dress up for your date, always dress up for yourself.

Comfort should always be a priority. Wear something you love, something you feel good in. Remember, fashionable should not be equal to uncomfortable. Dress up for yourself, not for your date. Wear that dress you love or those tops and bottoms that you love wearing together. NEVER dress up in what you think your date would think you look good in even if it doesn’t suit your style, fashion expression and comfort. We all have our own personal style; If your date makes an issue out of your sense of style, then he or she shouldn’t be the person you’re dating. Do not compromise your individuality for someone else. Always stay true to yourself. 😉

3. Use comfortable and especially, reliable shoes. 

Do not subject yourself to wearing great looking shoes but staying in pain for the entire date. Your mind will be filled with thoughts about how much your feet hurt instead of interacting with your date and having a good time. Wear reliable shoes that are tried and tested to survive long walks, because you never know what unexpected adventures you might want to get into. You do not want to get into an unexpected broken heel or a detached shoe sole and have to find ways to fix the shoe disaster for half of the duration of the date, or be forced to go home early, even if you still want to stay.


4. Bring a small bag, with only the things you really need.

Bring a small, easy to carry bag if you can, perhaps a good sling or shoulder bag. You don’t want to have to carry a heavy bag the entire time. Again, a DISTRACTION, and a burden. Bring what you need, be prepared, but don’t bring your huge make up bag with things you won’t even be using, or your stack of pens and your work stuff (unless you’re always on call), or too many toiletries, just bring what you really need. Remember, comfort is key! 😉

5. Lastly, make sure that you feel well enough to go, and that you want to. 

If you’re feeling tired or unwell, or if you’re just going to go because of peer pressure or just because you feel obligated to because you already said yes or whatever. DO NOT force yourself to go if you really don’t want to. Every time you go out, you should have fun, and not just tolerate things you don’t even want to deal with. But on the other hand, if you’re just hesitating because of overthinking and fear, but deep inside you actually want to go, JUST GO! 🙂 Don’t let your head get in the way, you might regret it. 😉


Here’s a picture of my outfit from my last date night with my boyfriend where we had a celebration for our 6 months together and also an Early Christmas celebration. ♥

(Shoes from Something Borrowed, Clutch from Mumuso)

Have a good date night guys! 🙂


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