On Wearing Winter Pieces in the PH, DO NOT be Afraid to Wear ’em!

Let the judgers judge. At some point we all would want to wear winter pieces simply because, they’re great. Boots, leather jackets, coats, sweaters, etc. they are GREAT FASHION PIECES. What usually stops us? The judgement we might have to endure; And I admit, I was once that person who gets discouraged at the fear of getting judged, but one day I just decided to stop caring, best decision ever! 🙂


People would say why wear winter pieces when you’re in a country like the Philippines, well I say, “WHY DO YOU CARE?” HAHA I say wear ’em whenever you want to as long as you’re comfortable. Never let other people dictate how you want to express yourself through your clothes. Never be afraid to dress up if it makes you feel good.

I wore a leather jacket to work, my office has good air-conditioning so it’s pretty cold, but anytime I feel hot, I just take it off. It’s that simple. Let them stare, let them be amused, it’s not your problem.


(Leather Jacket from Bershka, High waist Jeans from H&M, Sneakers from Converse)

So next time you feel like wearing those knee-high boots you’ve been keeping in your closet for so long, just wear them, don’t think twice! Your real fashion expression comes out as soon as you stop caring what other people think. 😉

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! 🙂 Thanks for the read!

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