Play With Your Clothes: Dresses and Rompers as tops; Dresses and Jumpsuits as bottoms! :) 

You don’t have to have too many clothes to have lots of outfits. Mix it up! Remember that pieces of clothing can be used in plenty of different ways 🙂

Sometimes there are just dresses that you wish were tops, sometimes there are just dresses you know would look better as skirts. Luckily, you have the option to wear them as both!

This romper looks great on its own, but there’s no denying that it looks great as a top too.

(Romper from Cotton On)

Rompers and dresses can be used as tops by tucking them in when you wear skirts and sometimes when wearing pants too! It all depends on the material of both pieces of clothing. 🙂

(Shoes from Comfort Plus)

Jumpsuits and dresses can be used as bottoms by wearing tops over them. Again, it all depends on the material. If you feel that your top looks way too loose cause you just put it over your dress or jumpsuit, there’s always an option to use belts or pins to fit the top down.

(Skirt from H&M)

Remember that when you know that a piece of clothing would look better as something different, don’t be afraid to experiment! You can even go as far as cutting, sewing or painting over clothes. This will change how many outfits you can have with the amount of clothes you own. This way, there’s no such thing as a limited wardrobe! 🙂

(Lips: Leo Kylie Lip Kit from @bagexpressph on Instagram)

Thanks for the read!!!! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Play With Your Clothes: Dresses and Rompers as tops; Dresses and Jumpsuits as bottoms! :) 

  1. I love the look but the only thing I can think about are the struggles you’ll go through when going to the bathroom haha! Having to take off the skirt as well as the already complicated romper! That being said tho, I looooove how it looks.


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