“Comfort Chic”: Why Rompers and Sneakers are Actually the Perfect Combination :)

When we want to look our best, comfort should still be one of the biggest considerations when choosing what to wear. Although I’m guilty of having the “Tiis ganda” mentality sometimes, this can’t and shouldn’t be endured everyday. :)) With the combination of a romper and sneakers you don’t need to “Tiis ganda” to stay stylish anymore.:))

Rompers are usually made of soft fabric almost similar to what you’d wear at home, except it looks a hundred times more fashionable. You can dress it up, down, and wear it anywhere. Sneakers on the other hand, especially these ones, can help you do anything, anywhere, in any condition. 

White sneakers have proven not to be just a passing fashion fad, because they’re comfortable, fashionable and you can wear them with just about anything. The only problem is, 

They can get really dirty, really fast. 

What I love about these sneakers that I just got is that the material isn’t cotton, it’s almost like leather, so it doesn’t get dirty easily. Plus, look at it closely and you’ll see that it can give you a little height boost, almost an inch more! 

@sheosmanila on Instagram

Now onto this romper, i love the bohemian feel and the quality is really good. The lace on the bottom part of the sleeves is an extra detail that doesn’t only make the romper look better but it also flows beautifully when you move. πŸ’›

@fashionstreet_apparel on Instagram

You shouldn’t have to choose between comfortable and fashionable when you can have both. πŸ™‚ Comfortable clothes don’t always mean sweatpants and shirts, you can achieve the same level of comfort while staying chic, with this romper-sneakers ensemble! πŸ™‚ 

Hope everyone has a great saturday! πŸ™‚ __________

Lips are a combination of Mac’s Ruby Red and the Sugar Brown Kylie Lip kit from @bagexpressph on Instagram

(Never be afraid to combine lip sticks, you can achieve lots of colors with fewer products πŸ™‚

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